15 NYC Restaurants That Feel Like Japan

A fish plate from Okonomi

From sterling omakases to rowdy izakaya, here’s where to eat in NYC to feel transported to Japan

For years, West Coast cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco dominated the United States’s Japanese dining scene, with wonderfully faithful experiences found at restaurants like Beverly Hills’ longstanding Urasawa and San Mateo’s newer import Sushi Yoshizumi. But over the last decade, and really in the last five years, New York City has welcomed an unprecedented spate of dining concepts that feel and taste so genuinely Japanese, that dining at a top omakase haunt in the homeland might not feel like as much of a revelation as it would have 10 or 15 years ago.

Today, New York offers yakitori based with a 50-year-old tare sauce, elusive species of hyper seasonal uni, and bars that stock more Japanese whisky than most even in Tokyo. Below, 15 of NYC’s most transportive Japanese dining and drinking concepts.

Source: NYC eater
15 NYC Restaurants That Feel Like Japan