18 Solid Restaurants in Long Island City

A spread at Adda

Mexican fine dining, Indian home cooking, and killer ramen are giving this low-key dining scene the attention it deserves

Restaurateurs in Long Island City are already gearing up for the impending arrival of Amazon and a subsequent influx of customers. As residents already know, however, this neighborhood had a vibrant dining scene well before the tech giant announced its decision to muscle into town.

For years, the area has been amassing a collection of sleeper farm-to-table spots, as well as standouts that lure diners from all five boroughs. From some of the best Kansas-style barbecue in New York to Michelin-starred Mexican cooking to regional Indian dishes to ramen made with Iberian pig bones, these are the places that have already made Long Island City an excellent place to dine.

Source: NYC eater
18 Solid Restaurants in Long Island City